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In the realm of dairy, freshness and purity reign supreme. At Gaj Dairy Products, we’ve harnessed these principles to become one of the fastest-growing and most loved dairy brands in North India. Since our inception in 2019, we’ve steadily earned the trust of countless households, all thanks to our unwavering commitment to quality, health, and taste.

Our founder, Mr. Ankit Gajendra Singh , established Gaj with a vision to revolutionize the dairy sector. His bold ambition and relentless commitment to excellence have fuelled our rapid ascent in the industry. Today, Gaj’s extensive range of dairy products, from the best packaged milk to the best desi ghee in India, are a testament to our values of freshness, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Each product in the Gaj catalogue is a promise of purity. We source our milk directly from farmers, ensuring fair trade and fostering close relationships within the agricultural community. Our state-of-the-art facilities leverage the latest technologies, where our 100% pure cow milk is procured within 3 hours of milking and converted into a variety of wholesome dairy products.

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Milk Preservation

Our cutting-edge technology ensures optimal preservation of our milk, maintaining its freshness, nutritional value, and delicious taste.

High Production

With a production capacity of 30,000 liters per day, we have the capability to efficiently cater to high demand, ensuring consistent availability.

Recommended For Babies

Gaj milk is 100% pure and nutrient-rich, making it a safe and recommended choice for your little ones' growth and development.

100% Fresh

Our milk is procured within 3 hours of milking, promising unmatched freshness.

Environmentally Friendly

We care for our planet. Our production processes are sustainable, and we are committed to minimizing our environmental footprint.

Reliable Pasteurization

Our milk undergoes rigorous pasteurization to eliminate bacteria, providing you with safe, hygienic, and high-quality dairy products every time.

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